6 Gel Blasting Tips for Beginners

Gel blasting tips for beginners. Gel blasting is a great way to prepare the surface for paint quickly. It can help the paint stick to the surface and last longer. It is a hands-on process; preparing the surface, mixing the gel, and applying it all take some time.

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Gel Blasting Tips for Beginners

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6 Gel Blasting Tips for Beginners

Use a Damp Rubber or Latex Glove

You can use a rubber or latex glove to apply the gel. The rubbery material of the glove will provide some resistance to protect your hand from getting burned by the gel. However, this technique only works if you have a few minutes to spare before the gel dries.

Create Protective Barrier for Excess Gel with Plastic Wrap

While this is not a long-term solution, it will work until you are ready to remove all of the gel from your hand and fingers. Start with an old piece of plastic wrap that you no longer need. Then, place it over your hand and fingers while you apply the gel spray and let it dry on your skin. Set the excess gel spray on the table or countertop.

Apply Gel with Gloves or Plastic Wrap

You can use both methods if you need more time to work with your hands. First, start with plastic wrap and switch to latex gloves to protect your hands and fingers. The gel will stay in the plastic wrap until you remove it by peeling it away from your hand and fingers while pulling the excess away from the skin of your hand and fingers.

Apply Gel with Gloves or Cotton Gloves

You can also use cotton gloves when applying gel around a chair leg or other surface that might need protection from scraping by the uncooked paint separation method of sanding. The cotton gloves will keep the gel protected and prevent you from getting your gloves burned by the gel.

Use Rubbing Alcohol or Vaseline to Keep Gel from Seeping Through Hands

When working with gel, using a clean surface free of dust, dirt, and grime is essential. You can use rubbing alcohol or Vaseline on your hands to keep the gel from seeping through, so your hands stay cleaner than you think they will be otherwise.

Use A Soft Cloth to Clean Your Hands

Once you have finished applying the gel and it is dry, you need to clean your hands. After spraying the gel and setting it down, you can pat your hands onto a soft cloth or towel. The soft fabric will help scrape off any small pieces of gel that might still be sticking to your skin.

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Gel blasting is a great way to prepare the surface for paint quickly. Because it dries extremely fast, it will only take minutes to do the work. It is a great way to add shine and protection to your furniture or even add grip on your nails and remove stains from the body of your car. The best part about it is that you can apply it to almost anything. Gel blasting is an easy way to customize anything for your own needs.

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