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How to Get Your Posts on Instagram Hashtag Trending

Have you ever noticed the “top posts” grid on Instagram? And do you know what that means? This is so when you search hashtags Instagram. These posts are there not because they are the most important ones for you but because they are the most trending.

Instagram Hashtag Trending

In the past, you could only see the top 9 posts on each hashtag. But things are always changing in technology and nothing is left to chance on the Instagram social platform. You can now be able to view the most recent posts.

If you are looking for the best way to get new followers, you are going to need more than posting on the hashtags. It is important that those who search on any hashtag are able to see your posts. It means that you will have to work on ensuring you appear in the top posts of any hashtag you post in.

It is just the same as appearing on the top results of a search engine results page. Google for example considers the top pages as the most useful for its user’s.

In the same manner, Instagram posts that are most liked by the users will appear in the top results. It makes your posts to viral, which is a signal for new users to join your cause.

But the real issue lies in how to get there. In SERPs, you will hear about SEO optimization and such like staff. How does it work for Instagram hashtags?

There are basically two factors that determine this as seen below.

1] The engagement level for the post

You might have created the most amazing posts, but never get anywhere with them. If you don’t get people talking and commenting on your posts, you have not done much. The best way to get on the top result is to ensure there is a high level of engagement.

It is important that your followers get motivated enough to want to comment on your post and share. As they do so, more followers include new ones will find a way to join your cause.

2] How quickly the engagement comes in

The top posts get the positions within the first 24 hours after they have been posted. For this reason, you want to ensure that your likes and comments are rolling in as first as possible. Encourage your followers to like, comment and share.

As much as possible, try to generate a lot of engagement immediately you post. Instagram will receive signals that you have quality posts. Now to get the posts on top, use the following two methods.

Identify the right hashtag

Instagram Hashtags Keyword

The kind of hashtag you post on matters a lot in getting at the top. Ensure that you have a hashtag that is related to your industry for easy identification with your audience.

Generate as much engagement as possible

Since you have picked the right hashtag, focus on getting the right engagement as much as possible. You can do this by scheduling your Instagram posts.

With the ideas above, you will get your posts trending in no time. Ensure you have the right ideas to share.

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