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How Copytrading Can Help Newbies Speed Up Their Investment Journey

Taking the bold step to deal with trading instruments daily for profit is risky. It also takes a ton of experience to get positive returns when trading in the stock market or plenty of trading sites online. Copytrading is a way to enter winning strategies that experienced traders create while new to the game.

It takes a ton of effort to have the right mentality and skills to enter winning trades. Researching the correct brokers to start the trading journey and finding the right stocks are areas that overwhelm newbie traders most.

Copytrading Can Help Newbies

Making plans and braving the difficulties of the stock markets also needs a lot of experience. For example, learning to use the Ichimoku cloud indicator in PrimeXBT or any other trading platform takes time.

Veteran traders already have the experience needed to brave the stock market and know the right places to place a bet for higher chances of positive returns, that is why copy-trading works.

Does Copytrading Work?

The stock market is unpredictable. Daily price swings in PrimeXBT or any trading platform can go either way, depending on market forces. Day trading is risky and needs a keen eye to decipher the intra-trade deals to make good returns.

Markets dealing in stocks have become complex and require something more than personal intuition to predict the direction they will take in the future. Technical analysis is the way forward, which helps predict future price movement using historical data.

Using technical tools reduces volatility in the stock market and gives a definite position for investors to take new positions.

Technicalities of Using Price Charts

Technical analysis requires a lot of experience reading and interpreting charts. Price charts are easy to read because the data is widely available on the internet.

However, using the data to increase the chances of a win requires the help of an experienced trader who knows every dimension of the data and the likely points the stocks will settle at in the future.

For example, day trading large volumes of shares is the most regarded tactic because of the slight price changes that return tiny sums when staking lower sums of money. However, going big is risky.

Selected stocks should also have a high beta, and a propensity to rise by at least a percentage point. Beyond the intrigues of looking at the Beta, investors must have a bottom line set-the lowest point to sell the stocks.

Experienced traders set the lowest point between one and 1.5 percent below the buy price. It will take a newbie at least a month to naturally consider all these issues when trading.

What it takes to Follow Stock Trends

Newbies are likely to go for stocks that show a sudden uptick or seem to move in a positive direction. However, the overall procedure for having the right stocks requires more than a mere view of the price charts. Stocks are volatile, and it takes a lucky guess to know their next destination if the technical analysis does not come into play.

The best way to understand the trends is to read the news and follow the fortnightly data analysis of a stock. However, to come up with a convincing strategy to take a position with a massive amount of stocks requires a lot of experience.

Why Copytrading can Work for Newbies

PrimeXBT and many other trading platforms offer the copytrading feature, where experienced traders give hints and directions to followers. Mirror trading is a sub-branch of copytrading that allows replication of a part of a trading strategy from an expert.

Many platforms allow a copytrading position to open automatically when a follower mirrors the movement of the experienced traders. If the leader knows their way around the stock market, the newbie should also benefit.

Bottom Line

While copytrading seems like a shortcut to better returns on trading platforms. Many places offering the strategies set some terms favoring the trading platforms.

Additionally, copytrading only works when the leader or experienced trader understands how to analyze data and use it to make winning positions. Regardless, copytrading is the best way for newbies to find their footing in the stock market.

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