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Key Things To Consider When Building A Travel App

Building a travel app could let you grab a slice of a hugely lucrative industry, although because it is also highly competitive you need to think carefully before you get started to give yourself the best chance to succeed.

Building A Travel App

Here are just a few considerations to keep in mind which should make your travel app stand out from the crowd.

1] Choose the right API

One of the main benefits of creating a travel app is that you do not need to go through the expensive, complex process of generating, storing and organising the data on which your service will function in-house.

This is because there are a cavalcade of high quality APIs to choose from which will let you add a host of capabilities to your app with minimal effort or expense.

For example, say you want to design your app to provide accommodation information and price comparison capabilities to users. If so, you can take advantage of the TripAdvisor API to draw upon its vast database of information, reviews and pricing. Check out this tutorial on the TripAdvisor API to see what is possible.

2] Make it user-friendly

Modern app users are incredibly savvy and discerning, with some reports suggesting that as few as 4% of users are actually retained within 3 months of the original download and installation taking place.

This means you need to make sure that your travel app is carefully designed to be intuitive and effective from the first time it is launched so that users do not ditch it for greener pastures.

There are a number of ways to go about this, although whatever approach you take, make sure to carry out UX research and testing, so that you can scrutinise key aspects of the user experience and ensure that any potential pitfalls are ironed out before you launch.

3] Integrate support and feedback capabilities

Another expectation that you will need to contend with as the developer of a travel app is that your app will provide some means for users to leave their thoughts and opinions, as well as to get in touch and request support as and when it becomes necessary.

You may not need to go so far as to introduce in-app live chat for handling user queries on the fly, although at the very least you should provide people with a way of getting in touch that does not necessarily require them to open a different app in the process.

4] Ensure security is a priority

It is an unfortunate reality of the modern world that apps and app download stores are targeted by cybercriminals more regularly than ever before.

This means that any travel app which wants to satisfy the needs of users without putting them at unnecessary risk should prioritise the provision of a secure way to handle transactions.

There are plenty of mainstream payment platforms which can be integrated with apps to let you both protect users and also reassure them of your app’s legitimacy thanks to its association with an established brand.

5] Enable location-based features

Any travel app worth its salt will come with some kind of capability that is based on the GPS tech that lurks at the heart of every modern mobile device.

Whether you choose a simple mapping implementation or opt for a more in-depth geolocation feature, you can once again take advantage of APIs to integrate some truly impressive and innovative functions. Think outside the box and you will be in with the best chance of taking the travel app market by storm.

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