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3 Ways that Facebook Has Impacted Business In the Past Decade

With the invention of social media, the world has become a global village. We are able to interact and socialize with anyone or everyone across the whole world. Although at times it may seem a little bit annoying for those who keep on updating their entire life on social media.

The Facebook Effect In The Business World

Facebook as one of the major social media has in many ways affected the growth of many businesses in the world. Information about events, popularity and advertisements have made a tremendous impact on the growth of many businesses over the past decade.

Below are some of the ways in which this social media has impacted business in the past decade:

1) Create a deep connection with customers.

In the past, a company had no way to interact with their customers or consumers, but only when they walked into the store to buy the goods. The customer was there to buy the item if he or she needed it and the seller was just there to sell.

This was a poor connection because if the customer was dissatisfied or pleased with the product, there was no way to know about it or recommend it to anyone. With the intervention of social media, there are platforms where the buyer and the seller fully interact to know how the product can be made best for a good market sale.

It has created a deep connection that the company has loyal consumers who trust only the brand.

2) Promotion and advertisements.

Social media has eased the way business fare on the market world. There are various sections that are so beneficial to business owners, for example, the fun pages and event planners. They are easy and free to use, all you need to do is log in and have many friends and followers.

Promotion and advertisements

Advertisements sell your brand to many consumers, therefore, increasing your market. With a little promotion such as awarding coupons after a competition between the consumers is another great way to increase your sell and expand your market.

Creating and announcing an event has been simplified to just a click of a button with the event planners rather than sending out of emails that at times fail to reach in time.

3) Gives you the popularity you need.

In social media, the more friends you have and followers on your fan page, then the more popular you become. This comes in the sense that with each and every move you make, there are a lot of people to view and comment on the content. This makes you and your product is known all over the world.

It also gives your product the attention it requires. Most of the consumers get to know and trust a product by the like and popularity it commands on social media.

The use of social media should be used with care and confidentiality as there are frauds out there who would rejoice at your downfall. Make sure you have good security and privacy as too much oversharing can be really dangerous.

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