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5 Ways to Tell Your Brand Story With Instagram Stories

With each passing, the trend of entrepreneurship is becoming even stronger, and with each new sunrise, there is a new business in the market. This exponential increase in the number of businesses has led to extreme competition, and it is not easy to make the sales and generate revenues as in the old times.

Tell Your Brand Story With Instagram Stories


For such companies, social media especially Instagram, is a great platform to market their products and create a brand image. If you are the new business on Instagram, you will need to put in some efforts to coin your name and visibility on the platform.

The number of people on Instagram is increasing with which the awareness is also increasing. With the awareness, the number of brands has been struggling because of weak strategies.

The best way to make an impact is to use the strategies to create the brand story of your business. In this article, we have shaped up five different ways which will help you revamp the branding of your business on Instagram. So, have a look!

1] Engaging & Unique Visual Experience

It is no lie that Instagram is all about pictures, and it was created to be the photo-sharing app. When it comes to the online businesses and brands, people have a hard time trusting them.

Buy Instagram Followers For such scenarios, having the optimal brand identity is a must. Moreover, the companies need to work on the brand experience as it needs to be unique.

One of the best tactics to create engaging brand story and identity is to use photography techniques to add tweaks to the look of the profile.

While clicking the pictures for the Instagram, you need to focus on the high-quality, central object, lighting, layering, patterns, and filters. For the regular use, there are multiple apps that allow users to work on exposure and the lighting. Our top picks are AfterLight and VSCO.

2] Share The BTS

If you are an online business, people are always going to doubt your authenticity because they are going to invest their money in your products.

There are tons of brands and businesses on Instagram, which are either too robotic or sale’sy, which puts off their audience. As a business looking for growth, you must not foster such an image in front of the user base.

So, to add a sense of realism and authenticity to the profile, you can make the behind the scenes videos at your workplace and upload that. When the users watch such videos or photos, they will see that there are real people providing them with the products and services.

This will strengthen their trust on your brands which will ultimately bring you sales. Also, you can work on hiring a social media manager if you can afford as he or she will amp up the profile to attract the target audience.

3] Instagram Live & Stories

For the businesses, it is very important to have a face to face conversation and interaction with their follower base. So, as we all know that Instagram is providing the truckload of features among which live and stories have been making the big hits.

When we talk about the business, you need to create a sense of curiosity and suspense through your posts to keep the audience coming back to you.

Instagram Live & Stories

So, through the stories, you can reveal some chunks of the important news as it will help them guess and stay connected to your profile for more details. On the other hand, once you have left the chunks on stories, take up the live session and reveal the big thing through the live broadcast to see the real expression of the audience.

4] Support The Cause

When you are making sales and increasing the revenues, you need to put front the empathy side of your business at the front. You should reserve a certain percentage of your profits for helping the humanity and to take part in the philanthropic activities. Once you take part in such activities, tell this to your followers as it will portray a very positive image about your brand and business.

5] Hold The Contests

People love winning something for free, and when businesses are holding the contests, there are many people who come forward as they have always wanted to buy something but couldn’t.

So, hold the contest and tweak the rules as you want the results. For instance, if you want to increase the number of likes, Buy instagram likes or  you can ask the existing followers to ask their friends to like and follow the page.

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