Why You Should Consider a WooCommerce CRM Integration

What began as an open-source adventure into the coding of a user-driver online storefront has evolved into what is now one of the most popular WordPress shopping cart solutions. WooCommerce leads the pack as one of the most widely used solutions for online stores, too. It’s dominance in this category is measured by its ease-of-use and integration, coupled with the countless apps and add-ons that serve to expand its functionality.

WooCommerce CRM Integration You Must Consider

WooCommerce CRM Integration

Newer apps take things a step further, such as WooCommerce CRM applications that integrate cross-channels sales data and analytics. What follows are a few good reasons to consider upping the ante at your Woo store with CRM.

Creating Customer Relationships

Once a customer visits your online store, the relationship begins. From there, it’s up to you to improve it and earn their future business while also helping to attract more customers, such as other people that they may tell on social media or in person.

WooCommerce CRM aids you in this by automatically importing your customer data and creating detailed contacts that are complete with sales, order and shipping history. With this information, you’ll be in a better position to create successful future sales campaigns, and to learn what customers are really looking for at your online store.

Predicting Sales Trendsetters

Being able to predict your sales patterns is almost as important as making the actual sales. That’s because with prediction, you can plan ahead and cash in on items that you know will be hot sellers once you list them. But the WooCommerce backend does not really help much with this.

It just provides current order information and a 90-day look-back feature. CRM, however, does. It will help you learn what is popular and when, so you can plan ahead for your next big sales event.

Cross-Channel Integration

Cross-Channel Integration

What about your other sales channels? Are you selling on Amazon, eBay, Newegg, Etsy or at other places? The right CRM will integrate into all of these sales channels, providing you with detailed data that you can use to improve your operations from top to bottom by learning what your customers are doing and what they really want.

Whether that results in you offering lower shipping prices or a better returns policy, having such data at your disposal is a priceless addition to any online business’ marketing and customer service plan.

Reducing Returns

What are customers returning the most of and why? What customers should be avoided at the run of your next newsletters, and how will that impact your sales while reducing returns and avoidable cost?

Newer CRM systems help you learn the real reasons behind returns. They also can help you determine what products are returned the most and by whom. With this data, you can make key changes to your inventory levels, and you can also make updates to the lists of customers you send out email sales invites to in the future to maximize profits and curb losses. 🙂

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