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Top 10 Backup Software for Windows PC 2022

Welcome back today at Just Web World we’re back with a new post on Best Data Backup Software for PC. As you all know their are many important files and information which we store on our laptops or computer. What if we will loss them, i guess then it will be a great loss to us and for recovering from such situation today i’m gonna share Top File Backup Software for Windows 10 Computer.

Best Free Computer Backup Software for PC 

Best free backup software for windows

Computer Backup Software

Usually we loss data while installing new windows on our computer, or it might be some system failure due to which we lost our data saved in HDD / SDD of our PCs. To get this data back their are many backup softwares which help you to backup your data daily due to which their are less chances of losing your data, now without wasting your time let’s get on our today’s topic.

Acronis Backup For PC

Acronis Backup For PC is a great app for backing up your data of your PC. There are many backup products from Acronis from which one is PC Backup tool. This is a paid app but comes with 30 days trial for testing but for activating it yo might need to register yourself on their site.

This app backups file on external HDD or you can also backup the data in your computer’s HDD but for that you need to make a partition and mark the part under Acronis. The best thing about this app is even if the drive in which backup files were there is corrupted then also you can get your files back.


CrashPlan is also a good backup software for windows users. It has both type of plans, paid and free. This app allows you to backup your files on any external drive or into any other PC on the same network or you can also their online storage space for backing up files. All the data stored under CrashPlan is totally secured.

O&O Auto Backup 5

O&O Auto Backup 5 is a very simple and lite app which is even cheaper than other softwares, it just cost $29.95 for lifetime access but this app does not provide high security for saving data and you can only backup data in any other external storage which means you need to buy another external HDD for using this app.

Paragon Backup And Recovery Home 15

Paragon Backup And Recovery Home 15 is a great app which you can use for recovering and backing up your whole data. This app lets you save your data on your external or internal HDD(partition) or you can also backup the data in any other computer on the same network. The best thing about this app is you can recover any file at any time using their recovery option.

AOMEI Backupper

AOMEI Backupper has both the option paid and free. This app is very unique in this app you can select to backup the files you want or the whole system. This allows you to select the time when to backup files. You can backup the files in your PCs HDD or any external HDD. The best thing about this app is you can do any background work without worrying about your PC to hang.

Cloud Storage : Saving File Online

Cloud Backup Storage

Cloud Backup Storage

Google Drive

Google drive is really a great app to save and backup your data because your data is saved on SSL with high security. To backup data on google drive you need to do it manually, all data is stored online. Google drive gives you 15 GB free for life and afterwards $2 for each 100 GB space/month.


DropBox is also a good cloud storage where you can backup your files easily as like google drive it also saves files on 128 SSl security. It’s easy to save files on dropbox all you need to do is drop the file in the dropbox folder and you will get access to the files on every device connected with dropbox.

It offers you about 2Gb free storage which can be increased upto 18Gb by referring your friends or you can also buy space at $10 per 1 TB/Month or $99 per 1TB/Year.

Microsoft One Drive

Microsoft provides every PC with a one drive account with upto 15 GB Free storage for life which can be increased upto to 1 TB per month for $6.99/monthly. The process for backing up file to it as same the process for dropbox.


Box is a great app for saving your files online. It provides high security and cheap storage plans. One of their most popular plan is of unlimited storage for $17/month which can be shared along 3 more users.


iCloud is specially for IOS users. It provides around 5GB of free space for storing files online on a secure server with data protection assurance. You can extend the storage space for just $0.99/ month for 50Gb and 1 TB for $9.99/month.


Above we have shared Top Free PC File Backup Software for Windows/Mac. If you know about some similar apps then feel free to comment below and we will update the post with the info you provide. Do not forget to share the post because sharing is caring.

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