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Change Your Exercise Routine With Pilates

Do you enjoy your exercise routine? Or do you ever get bored of doing the same exercises day after day?

Whatever the case, pilates is the best answer. But why?

To get us talking about the benefits, we can discuss the context. When people think of fitness and exercise routines, people jump to weights, football, and other activities. We don’t always see pilates as a top-leading routine that is widely talked about.

Change Your Exercise Routine With Pilates

2021 may be the year to get started on this incredibly healthy exercise.

One of the great benefits of this exercise is that it is usually local. For example, if you live in West London, then you can search for pilates classes in West London and you will probably get a few local classes and instructors.

If you cant get local classes, then online classes could be a possibility.

Why you should invest in pilates

It feels great to look good whilst doing something you love. When we consider other forms of activity, lifting weights isn’t always that relaxing, and running can be hard on the legs.

Pilates focuses all on the core and I like to call it a more stimulating form of yoga. It’s the better kind of yoga because it really strengths your muscles, especially the muscles around your neck and trunk.

However, doing pilates affects all the muscles in your body. It’s a collective exercise that not many other activities can achieve. It is recommended that people should at some point focus on a complete core training program, rather than focus on one muscle group.

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The benefits of pilates

Now that you have understood the rationale of doing pilates, the benefits are noteworthy.

  1. Improves balance.
  2. Helps you to adapt to other activities.
  3. Stronger core.

These are the top three benefits. The first two points are connected because having a good balance can make any new activity run a lot more smoothly.

This is particularly useful when we think about venturing out and doing new things. Maybe, before we lacked confidence because our physical attributes weren’t quite up to scratch. We’ve all been there.

But pilates is universally applicable to all forms of sport. So, why not try it?

One ideal sport, in particular, is golf. Golf is a game where balance and a strong core are key to getting a good swing. For any golf fans, scheduling pilates before a hit could be useful.

Also, if you are an office worker or find yourself sitting down for the majority of your day, then pilates will help ease back pain by developing a stronger posture. A good posture goes a long way, in terms of health and overall pain relief.

The final points

The most important point is that you need to know is to work with a coach. The problem with doing pilates, especially when starting out is that it can be harmful to the body, if not done correctly.

If you work with a local or an online coach, they will help you to better understand your body type and how a pilates workout regime can be used, that best suits you.

Identifying this without expert opinion can be tough.

An instructor is your first call to action.

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