What Should You Check Before Buying Apple Watch Straps

Apple is still the market leader for smartwatches. With seven million watches sold to date, an equal number of Apple watch straps are in use already. So, what should you look out for before buying one for yourself? With the holiday season in progress, many more Apple watches will be bought as gifts.

Apple Watch Bands

Not surprising because an Apple watch not only lets you make or take calls but responds to text messages, gets email notifications, and tracks vitals like heart rate and calories burned during a workout. Well, if you want a new band for your watch, here are a few factors to check beforehand.

Designer Watch Straps

Apple Watch straps, also known as Apple Watch bands, come as designer pieces that make a statement. With a range of fancy straps to choose from, some people prefer to have a collection – one for each occasion.

You can choose from expensive leather watch bands to cheap faux leather ones that look strikingly original. The range is so overwhelming that making a choice is often difficult.

App Store and Other Options

Expensive leather watch straps are available from the Apple stable and from other manufacturers with a select few online stores. Some thoughtfully designed models include a smart, sleek aluminium charging stand that lets your smartwatch charge at rest along with your smartphone.

Also popular are elastic Apple watch straps made of agate beads that fit any size wrist as the band is stretchy and comfortable to wear.

Some of these fancy watch bands may not be available on Apple’s App store but are available at a few online stores specializing in spectacular looking straps that add value to a famous brand like Apple. The range of colours, styles, and materials need to be seen to believe.

Alternatives to High-end Apple Watch Bands 

It is not easy to own an Apple smartwatch as the cost is prohibitive. However, millions of people manage to buy an Apple watch and wear it with a collection of watch bands they can show off.

While an inexpensive absorbent type is great to wear while jogging, you’ll need a formal looking one to wear while at work. When working out at the gym, you may want to wear a sturdy piece that is rugged and offers ample protection to your expensive Apple watch.

Unique Alternatives

Unique people look for unique alternatives that let them stand out from the rest of the crowd. Such alternative offerings include bands made from toughened stainless steel, adjustable according to the size of the wearer’s wrist, which require no additional tools to adjust. Such pieces are great for people who are on the go and don’t have time to tinker with watch straps before wearing a watch.

Besides the standard leather, metal, and synthetic material, you now have sturdy alternatives like ceramic, which has finesse and is long-lasting because of the material’s durability. These ceramic bands are scratch-proof and don’t fade for years. The best part is they are skin-friendly and do not cause any allergies.

The Sporty Look and Feel

Besides the rugged option mentioned above, people who work out frequently need a light-weight alternative that is tough and fixes firmly on the wrist. One of the best options available online is the nylon sport-loop band that is low-priced and durable.

With a Velcro that makes it easy to wear and take off, this fabric alternative watch band lets you keep active all day long without feeling the watch resting on your wrist. The breathable nylon material is washable and comes in a range of stunning colours that suit any occasion.

Summing it Up

While people don’t hesitate to buy an Apple smartwatch because of the brand and utility, they are often confused about buying a matching watch band. A bit of diligent searching online shows some fantastic alternatives, some of which look quite stunning.

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