Codelobster – Free PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript editor

 Free PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript editor

We always require a user friendly editor to help us create wonderful websites. Today we are talking about Codelobster PHP Edition. It is a free PHP editor tools. I have often found people using paid applications for the same purpose, but I really find this free tool above all paid software. The functionality provided in this software is really breath taking compared to any paid software.

Codelobster – Free PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript editor

Codelobster simplifies and streamlines all php related activities. Its database comprises of almost all function, names and arguments. The Autocomplete feature helps newbies to remember and practise PHP. It also shows all available/ possible arguments as soon as you start a new project. All necessary help is available in the help section (F1 is the shortcut). It’s a quick, efficient, portable, multi-functional and a very powerful tool.

Codelobster – Free PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript editor

Being multi-functional, it supports mixed code. All different areas of different application are marked with different colour code and specific Code name. For E.g. Java, HTML and PHP. For creating a proper style, we usually need to correlate specific elements of a page, to do so a special feature is provided in the software, known as Html Inspector. Html inspector words as a fire debugger and lets you handle such issues very lightly.  PHP debugger is used to handle PHP Scripts. For any kind of database related activity SQL manager can be used. With such a tool in hand, I assure no mistake.

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If you need to work from a remote server, it is possible with the help of FTP. FTP is a very helpful tool when it comes to portability and server down issues. There are many modes in which the application can be used. Use it in portable mode to avoid any kind of suggestions or helpful instruction. This mode is suitable while you are working on a pre-defined project. Switch it to Advanced / full mode which you are starting a project from the scratch. It helps you from the very beginning suggesting you different templates.

A browser project preview is also available, this application is currently support by windows platform only. Almost all plugins work with CMS. This application also helps in validating the code. I found it really interesting as well as intelligent when it detected all my server settings automatically and configured all new files accordingly.

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It is one of the best debugging tool I have used till date. So The Codelobster is a One of the Free PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript editor of the world.

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  • Codelobster is really a great tool for coding purposes and it is really lightweight too i have a professional version of Codelobster and i can just say its really good tool