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The Most Reliable Email Marketing Service Provider- GetResponse Review

So, far it has been a great journey for me with GetResponse, which I have been using since 2013. There are numerous internet marketers like me, who collect the addresses of the people visiting their blogs for building strong email lists, so that they can easily follow them up through the emails. So, here I am today with an in-depth review of GetResponse, which is one of the major service providers for the email marketing. This review will even help you in identifying the pros, cons of GetResponse as well as in deciding whether to try this service or not.

GetResponse – The Best Email Marketing Service Provider



GetResponse basic features are just similar to the other email marketing service providers. But what makes GetResponse stands out well are its advanced features. GetResponse doesn’t only provide its users with the best and the powerful email marketing software, but also with an easy setup, email analytics of enterprise level along with attractive landing pages. It does provides numerous features, but to keep our review brief and simple, I have reviewed the most important features here.

Features of GetResponse

So, as stated above that GetResponse offers similar features like any other Email marketing service providers, includes:

  • 99% of Email deliverability rate
  • Broadcast messages
  • Follow-up Autoresponders
  • Click-through and Open Rates Statistics
  • Web form creator
  • Multiple Campaign Management
  • Split Testing and List Booster
  • Form Builder and Inbox Preview
  • Email Creator and Social Sharing
  • RSS-to-Email and Mobile Apps

These are the basic features, which are similar to other service providers. Now, we will check out the best features of GetResponse.

Best Features of GetResponse

The advanced features of GetResponse set it apart from the other Email marketing service providers. These are the best features which GetResponse offer its users and the major reason that I like it over other services. All of these services offered by GetResponse are reviewed by us.




The new GetResponse feature, Webinar, which is the hosting option helps it to stand out against all of its competitors. In simple words, a webinar is a wise tactic, which helps in generating new leads and contacts. it has made convenient by allowing the users to maintain the webinar tool along with the email contacts at one platform. The working of the whole system is quite simple and easy.

This advance feature of GetResponse offers flexible and reliable scheduling options, where the user is allowed to decide the participants for attending the webinar. All the options are available in the reminder templates as well as in the pre-defined invitation. Using the webinar news, the users can even reach out to their contacts on social media. Moreover, it even offers multiple options to interact with the other attendees. Lastly, this tool helps in analysing the reports generated by the system in order to ensure the success of the future webinars.

Responsive Email Design

Responsive Email Design

Responsive Email Design

Just like the Webinar feature, the responsive email design is another new feature of Getresponse, which helps the user in responding to the emails quickly. Nowadays, people use smartphones more than their laptops or personal computers, for checking their emails and it has become quite important to have a clear readability of your emails on your smartphones.

More than 80% of the population around the world use their smartphones for checking their emails and thus, it has become important to use the responsive emails in order to make your emails look good on the tablets and the smartphones.

Landing Page Creator

Landing Page Creator

Landing Page Creator

Using the Landing Page Creator by GetResponse, the user can easily create beautiful and attractive landing pages. It does offer numerous options to choose from the landing pages and even allows the self-customization as well using their simple drag-n-drop interface.

It doesn’t need any coding for creating the landing pages. It has a simple and easy process of connecting the landing page with the email campaign. And the best thing about the GetResponse Landing Page Creator is that it offers the landing page analytics, which helps in tracking the subscribers and the visitors. Isn’t it a great way for calculating the conversion rate? Yeah! Obviously.

Email Analytics

If you are an internet marketer, then it is really important to track all the aspects of your marketing campaigns and it is GetResponse, which has made everything possible and easy. It helps in tracking, gauging as well as analysing the conversion rates, which is commonly known as the Email Intelligence. The Email analytics helps in calculating the bounce rates, email open rates, analysing the metrics, click rates, setting campaign goals and the unsubscribe rates.

This feature even helps in deciding and analysing that which strategy is working perfectly and which is not. This further helps in changing the strategies for getting the better conversions. Lastly, the email analytics offers the site conversion measure and comparing the follow-ups, which further helps in making the right and smart decisions.

Autoresponders 2.0

The Autoresponders 2.0 is one of the most advanced features of GetResponse, which has been launched few months ago. It helps in creating the message cycles, which are relevant and timely as well as precisely adjusted with the expectations and the needs of the subscribers. It further helps in generating the leads and more conversions. the time-based auto responders help in creating the unlimited email cycles, which are customized according to the desires and needs of the audience.

The action-based auto responders help in designing the messages, which are activated by the actions of the relevant subscribers, including the 1-to-1 personalized responses. In simple words, we can say that the autoresponders help in providing those conversions, which were unexpected.

Pricing Plans of GetResponse

The pricing for GetResponse starts from the $15 per month for 1000 subscribers or contacts. It provides 3 different types of plans, including Email, Pro and Max. if you are a large-scale user, then it will provide you with another plan, Enterprise. So, the 3 major pricing plans of GetResponse include:

Pricing Plans of GetResponse

Pricing Plans of GetResponse

  • 1,000 subscribers for $15.00/month ($12.30 with annual discount)
  • 2,500 subscribers for $25.00/month ($20.50 with annual discount) – Most Popular
  • 10,000 subscribers for $65.00/month ($53.30 with annual discount) or $75/month ($61.50 with annual discount) or $165/month ($ 135.30 with annual discount)

It will charge you extra for exceeding the subscriber list. The major and the best part of these pricing plans include the maximum features with the unlimited emailing. Though these plans differ in:

  • Number of landing pages
  • Option for split testing
  • Number and availability of attendees or participants at webinar
  • Account manager facility
  • Muti-user option

Pros of GetResponse

  • Affordable with a 1-month trial
  • Awesome customer support
  • Offers all basic features, including the advanced features at a reasonable price
  • Offers Email Analytics and next-gen Autoresponders, which helps in controlling the conversions nd the campaigns
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Landing page creator and the Web form creator helps in creating the landing pages and the opt-in forms easily and within no time
  • Mobile apps for iPhone and Android
  • The web form can be embedded in the Facebook page easily using the app
    Cons of GetResponse
  • No full-length feature of RSS feeds using RSS-to-Email, which is the best alternative to the Feedburner by Google
  • Despite the promise of 99% deliverability, it is around 95-96% only

Final Words

According to numerous people out there, GetResponse is one of the best email marketing services, which stands out well against its competitors, including the Mail Chimp and Aweber. It helps in maximizing the campaigns effectiveness because it is designed to track, gauge and analyse the real pleasure. Also, it helps in making the smart and right decisions by measuring the site leads and conversions, subscribers and comparing the follow-ups.

So, now, the choice is yours. 🙂

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