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Everything You Need to Know About Zenchat

Thanks to Zenkit Support that integrates your customer support interactions at a single place in order to make communication more personal, private, seamless and efficient. This will automatically lead to more satisfied customers and productive agents.

Zenchat - Team Messenger

If you still don’t know why you should seek help of Zenkit, here are few reasons.

  • It leads customers to happiness and gives them exactly what they want – instant solutions to all their problems. Zenkit helps you offer customized support whenever you need it.
  • It supports the way you offer support. It goes without mentioning that productive agents are always happy ones. They get all sorts of support tools that they need to serve your clients.
  • It allows you to customize your support and configure workflow. It handles all complex issues with ease.

Zenchat – Why it is better

There is no doubt when we say that live chat option is a more personal and a faster way of engaging and involving with your customers.

As live chat has highest satisfaction score among multiple channels, live chat is vital to offer total support to customers. The Zenkit Chat or the Zenchat supports administrators employ live chat on their site.

Once you plan the deployment of Zenchat effectively, you can channel more interactions into chat and also diminish operating costs, enhance agent productivity, boost customer satisfaction and also have an impact on sales conversions.

Coordinate chat goals with business objectives

As per the Benchmark report of Zenkit, Live Chat or Zenchat offers the highest rates of satisfaction among all channels.

Customers are thrice more likely to make a purchase when you interact with them through a chat. When you answer questions related to products or the process of purchase, you offer customers more confidence that they need to complete the process of buying a product.

The Arrival of Zenchat – A team messenger with in-built task management

It can’t be denied that communication is undoubtedly the most powerful tool that we can have and it is also one of the most natural and enjoyable things that can be done. In the entire productivity suite, communication plays a pivotal role.

Zenkit has always wanted to offer a messaging platform for the entire team that is seamlessly integrated. The messaging platform called Zenchat is reliable, secure and fully-controlled by the entire organization.

Zenchat mainly focuses on great user experience and it is an enterprise-ready software.

What Zenchat offers

  • Chat meets tasks: One of the inseparable parts of modern teamwork is messaging but before Zenchat came into existence, a vital part was missing in the messaging solutions – tasks.
  • Topic chats: In messages or chats, you may speak about several topics. Not just regular chat but you can also speak on topics like tasks, candidates, employees, features, bugs and many more. Speaking on more than one topic can at times blow up a chat and lead to misunderstandings. This is why Zenchat offers topic-chats where you dive into a specific topic and have a mini-chat. You’ll have less-cluttered chats and a deep understanding of whatever was communicated.
  • Birds-eye view: When you chat on a topic or a task, the specific chat is informed with mini-messages. You henceforth get a bird’s eye view of all chats.

The ZenKit Universe

Zenchat is a part and parcel of the Zenkit family. It is interspersed deeply within the Zenkit family and products.

All these share a single data platform and the tasks and chats from Zenchat are even available in Zenkit To Do and Zenkit Base. There you are allowed to check out everything with more functions and views like Gantt, Kanban and mind maps.

Enterprise-Ready Software

The Zenkit platform is an enterprise-ready infrastructure and software that is ready-to-use.

Things you’ll experience with Zenchat

Now that this is a new entry in the Zenkit database, you will experience the following things.

  • Less of switching between task management and chat tools.
  • No more cluttered chats, less searching and unnecessary scrolling.
  • Reduced confusion about where to write comments and vital information.
  • Diminished integration and administration needs between task and chat apps.
  • Increased time with natural workflow.
  • More inspiration, motivation and engagement with your team.
  • Better understanding and overview about what is going on.
  • More value of your information by chatting about different topics and tasks.

Charge your Team with Zenchat – Know a suitable plan

For Personal use:

If you want to use Zenchat for only friends and family, Zenchat is forever free.

For PLUS use:

And for powerful collaboration, the charge is 5 Euros/month for a user.

For Business use:

And for rapidly growing teams, the charge is 19 Euros/month for a user.

For Enterprise use:

For collaboration through enterprise, you have to schedule a demo of the chat software to know about their pricing.

Comparison of Plans – Settling down with the best

      Personal            Plus        Business     Enterprise
Personal Chats         Up to 5            50        500MB     Unlimited
Group Chats         Up to 5            50       Unlimited     Unlimited
Files & Attachments         500 MB           6GB        600GB     Custom
Chat History        4 Weeks          2 Years       Unlimited     Unlimited
Tasks       Up to 5000       Up to 5000       Unlimited     Unlimited
Zenkit Universe         Up to 3              30            300         3000
Reminders             —–            Yes            Yes         Yes

So, as we see, Zenchat is one of the most secure messaging applications in the industry that is embedded inside our wallets.

Users are allowed to communicate 1 on 1 with the help of group messaging or set dedicated private channels. Communication through channels costs a minimum amount of ZEN to prohibit spam and clutter.

The messages of Zenchat are stored in the blockchain permanently to make sure there is no leakage of metadata.

They are encrypted with algorithms like AES-256 with PFS (Perfect Forward Secrecy), matching standards of encryption for better communication. So, if you want to communicate with your customers in a better and more transparent way, install Zenchat.

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