Finding Robots for Small Businesses

Many business owners assume that robots are only meant for big companies and industries such as automotive and electronics. The truth is small businesses also benefit from investing in robotics. In fact, quite a number of small enterprises are turning to robotics to provide a variety of solutions for their businesses.

Small Industrial Robots


Small companies do not produce churn out products in large numbers in comparison to the large corporations. Therefore, they may not be in a position to have diversity with regard to applications. Investing in robots may, consequently, bring about various challenges for the small business.

1] Robots Can Be Used to Provide Solutions

Small business owners would find even a small industrial robot useful if they could understand how flexible their systems really are. Simply put, if the business owner understands what systems their robots would run, it gets easier to choose the right robot.

Many robotic systems are user-friendly and there is therefore no need to get a programmer to come in and fix the bot. a small company would do well with a robot or automation system that is flexible and easy to set up fast. Moreover, it should be possible to switch over to other tasks once one has been completed.

Solutions that your robot can provide include:

  • Working the production line.
  • Packing and palletising.
  • Picking and placing.
  • Assembly line.

Robots are also great at assistant and administrative jobs. They help to keep things organized and information recorded and updated.

2] Getting Your Business Ready for Robots

If a business makes the decision to purchase a robot or more, they must prepare for it. This means getting the space needed for the robot, building security systems such as cages to store the robots and training personnel to handle the bots.

Being prepared will determine how successful the installation of robots, whether industrial or collaborative, will be.  While building the security measure, the business owner must ensure that they are in place and durable before any activation is done.

It is important to remember that robots are expected to:

They are expected to relieve human workers of mundane tasks so that they can move on to more challenging ones.

Industrial robots for smarter automation

As you get ready to get your robot, consider that you are not looking to replace human skill. There are some human skills that cannot be replaced; especially those that involve judgment calls.  As you get ready to purchase your robot, consider the following:

1] How much will the robot save your business?

You must consider such issues as Return on Investment (ROI). A robot, even a small one, does not come cheap. You also need to look into any hidden.

2] What is the most convenient robotising level for you?

You are not looking to automate every process in your business. You must be clear about what processes you will need to automate so that your business production may improve and compete favourably in the market.

3] How do you plan to follow up?

Every machine needs after sales service. Ensure that you get value for your money and that your robot is working as expected.

4] What is your safety plan?

If your robots are collaborative, that means that they will be working with humans side by side. You must have a plan in place in the event that there is an injury.

You can look into leasing robots or buying used ones if your budget does not support new bots. Since robots are almost certain to improve business operations, you can upgrade when you are in a better positions to do so.


While the decision to buy robots may be a huge one and a leap of faith, it is important to remember that the ROI is known to take less than two years. This is because the business saves money on reduced expenditure and enjoys increments in production and quality.

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