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How to Permanently Deactivate/Delete Facebook Account?

Delete/Deactivate Your Facebook Account

Now You Can Permanently Delete and Deactivate your Facebook Account.

Delete and Deactivate your Facebook Account is Different.Delete Your Facebook Account Means Erasing Everything Your All Activity Like Photos,Status etc. and Deactivate Means You Only Temporary Close Your Account all your Activity is as it is.You Can also reactivate your Facebook Account again.

How To Deactivate Your Facebook A/C :-

1 > First Of all Go to Account Settings.

2 > Then Click On Security.

3 > Than Click On Deactivate Your Account   Link.

Or Follow This Link Directly :- Click Here to Deactivate Your FB Account.

How To Delete Your Facebook A/C :-

For Deleting Your Facebook A/C URL is Not available in Your Facebook Account.

For Deleting Facebook Account

Go to This Link :- Click Here to Delete Your FB Account.

You can watch Below video so you getting more Idea.

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