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Learn the Role of SQL and Instance Tuning in Oracle Database

When working with SQL It is Important to set up SQL Data Recovery so that you don’t lose any of your work. Role of SQL and Instance Tuning On Oracle Database, The database performance tuning includes a very important role of SQL as well as Instance functions. During the performance of instance tuning, it should be kept in mind that all the obstructions of the database performance can be avoided and designed accordingly with every initial database designs.

Role of SQL and Instance Tuning

Instance Tuning and Role of SQL

When you are following the instance tuning, you must consider the following factors:

Instance Tuning

• Specify the input output database requirements.
• The operating system is to be tuned for the database performance.
• Providing memory to database structures.

Role of SQL and Instance Tuning

Database tools for oracle is an integrated set of tools for monitoring, tuning, diagnosing, coding, reverse-engineering, creating, editing, debugging, and reporting for Oracle databases. It helps Oracle DBAs to maximize the availability, performance and security of their databases. It helps Oracle developers to fine-tune their applications both in development and production phases.

For the configuration and settings of Instance tuning, these considerations are required:

Initialization Parameters:

The initialization parameter is needed to measure the performance of the database in terms of the influence and the behavior of the existing instance. You can perform some Remote DBA services and consider all the parameters. This table will help you understand the parameters and their uses in the database tuning.

Parameter Description
DB_Name This parameter contains the name of the database.
DB_Files The maximum number of files allocated to a single database.
DB_Domain This specifies the particular location of the database in the internet notation.
Control_Files Allocating different files in different disk drive for a better control.

Undo Space:

The undo spaces can be optimally used for storing and recovering the data whenever required. When you are using the Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA), the table spaces and the undo space gets created automatically. The V$UUNDOSTAT command helps in viewing the status of the tuning and monitoring the undo space. Therefore you can easily estimate the amount of space required for the current workload.

Role of SQL and Instance Tuning

Redo Log Files:

The size of the redo log files must be maintained properly for a smooth performance of the database. In most of the cases, the larger redo files help in improved performance while the smaller ones attract different checkpoint activities and therefore decrease the speed in the performance.

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SQL Tuning:

The SQL Tuning can be done by optimizing the SQL Statements properly. For this purpose you need to follow the few things effectively.

Query Optimizer:

The query optimizer helps in setting potential plans and thus estimates the cost of the plans depending on the status of the data dictionary. The plans can be compared by the optimizer and finally the plan including the lowest cost can be chosen among all the options. The functions of the optimizer include transformation and plan generation.


When you are using the EXPLAIN statement, you can easily study the plan that is selected by the optimizer. A sample output table can be generated by the SQL script. After going through the table, the EXPLAIN plan can be included and the final output can be produced easily.

Role of SQL and Instance Tuning

Indexes And Clusters:

The performances of the indexes and clusters needs to be measured through the database tuning. The index performance can be measured by tuning the logical structure in the proper way. The SQL statements can be written by using them or re-creation of new index can be easily done.

The composite or the columnar indexes can be selected to measure the performance tuning. Now, the cluster tables are used for joining the tables to form a new application. If full table scans are available, the clustered table will then not be in use. Sometimes the hash clusters become very beneficial while managing the cluster tables for database.

Therefore, both the instance and SQL tuning is required to measure and optimize the performance of the database. The initialization parameters, undo space and the log files are required during the instance tuning. The Query optimizer, Explain command and the index as well as clusters help during the SQL tuning of your database.

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