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Slow Download Speeds? Find Out Why

Slow Download Speeds, You may find that at times your Internet doesn’t perform like it should. There are many factors that affect how your network performs, factors, which range from the hardware you’re using and the settings on your router. Other factors are more obvious, like going over your download limit. In this article we look at some of the common problems, which are more often than not overlooked.

Slow Download Speeds

Slow Download Speeds Why?

Internet Plan

The first and most common issue of slow download speeds is “throttling”, which is what Internet service providers do when you have exceeded your download limit. Rather than cutting you off completely, ISP’s choose to significantly slow down your connection speed to dial up speeds, which today are almost useless. Check with your ISP, and if you’re stuck on a low limit plan, consider this unlimited broadband plan.

Too Many Devices

Another issue may be the amount of devices connected to your network. ISP’s offer a certain amount of bandwidth to each customer, and most of us have multiple devices connected to this network. Devices such as PC’s, laptops, game consoles, smartphones, tablets and even Wi-Fi appliances all rely on a strong, fast Internet connection to function properly. When there are many devices connected to the Wi-Fi, a loss of speed may be noted on other devices currently on the network. Make Sure devices that aren’t being used are turned off, because they may still be active in sleep mode.

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Outdated Hardware

Your Internet connection is only as good as the hardware you’re using. If you’re using an outdated router or modem, you may be bottlenecking your high-speed connection. Make sure you are using the latest wireless technology (currently 802.11 ad) and all your devices are compatible with your router. Another overlooked factor is the position of your wireless router. Make sure your router is positioned in the centre of your home (if possible) and clear of any obstructions, which may interfere with the wireless signal such as cordless phones, televisions and fridges. Avoid hiding it behind furniture, and position it about 60cm off the ground.

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If your drop in speed is sudden and cannot be attributed to any changes in hardware or Internet service provider it may be a malware issue. Malware are small-unauthorized software, which may have infected your device. They are often found in email attachments and other files you download of the Internet. Run malware and anti-virus checks on all your devices to make sure they’re not compromised.

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