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Top 10 Most Expensive Rings In the World Ever Made

Rings are definitely one of the most loved ornaments. While the trend of other jewellery pieces keeps fluctuating, rings have been in fashion since eternity. The best part is that you do not necessarily require following the latest trend when it comes to choosing rings.

The World’s Most Expensive Rings

World's Most Expensive Rings

You can pick the one you prefer without worrying about what’s in vogue. It may be big, small, made of silver, gold or platinum and adorned with pearl, ruby or diamond – Select the one you love and flaunt it.

There is wide variety of rings in the market. Different kinds of metals, gems, stones and jewels are used to craft these rings. An exquisite ring can add to your style statement and bespeak your rich taste.

We have compiled a list of the 10 most expensive rings ever made in the history of the world. If you have a fetish for rings then this piece of information is sure to interest you.

Wittelsbach Graff Diamond Ring – Worth $80 million

The oval cut, blue diamond fixed in a perfectly designed frame makes for a spectacular ring. Expert jewellery designers worked on this deep blue coloured diamond to cut it accurately and give it the desired shape. The diamond on this ring is particularly known for its crystal clarity. It comes in 31.06 carats.

Wittelsbach Graff Diamond Ring

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The diamond is said to have been found in the 17th century in India’s Kollur Mine. The whopping $80 million ring is the most expensive ring ever made in the world.

Pink Star Diamond Ring – Worth $ 72 million

Also known as The Pink Dream, this beautifully designed ring boasts of one of the most stunning diamonds ever found on earth. This shiny, pink diamond was discovered in African mines. It was polished and cut and worked upon for nearly two years to give it this dreamy look.

Though the ring appears delicate, it is a heavy one and may be difficult to carry due to the weight of the diamond. It comes in 59.60 carats. The diamond was 132.5 carats when found in the mines in its raw state.

The Oppenheimer Blue Diamond ring – Worth $ 57.7 million

The Oppenheimer Blue Diamond ring got its name from Sir Philip Oppenheimer who belonged to one the most influential diamond families in the world.

He presented this beautiful jewellery piece to his beloved wife, Pamela. It was sold for $57.7 million at Christie’s Geneva in May 2016. The indigo coloured diamond affixed on this ring was found in Africa’s Cullinan mine.

The Graff Pink Ring – Worth $46.2 million

This exquisite ring comprises of a platinum frame studded with a rare emerald-cut, intense, pink diamond. It is 24.70 carats. The ring was sold by a famous jeweller named, Harry Winston in an auction. He fetched excellent value for this marvellous piece.

The remuneration he got was almost double of what he had expected. The ring was renamed by Mr. Graff as The Graff Pink.

The Cullinan Dream Ring – Worth $25.4 million

This is yet another ring that fetched a great price at the auction. It is worth $25.4 million. The ring comprises of an intense blue diamond affixed perfectly in a platinum frame. This rare diamond was also found in South Africa’s Cullinan mine. It was cut from a whopping 122.52 carat blue diamond discovered in the year 2014. It is 24.18 carats.

The Winston Blue Ring – Worth $23.8 million

This rare blue diamond ring with a unique design has rightly found a place in this list. The diamond studded on this ring was found in the mines of South Africa. It has carefully been cut and polished to give it the shape of a tear drop.

Two pear-shaped diamonds have been affixed on the sides of this diamond to enhance the ring’s appeal. These small diamonds are 1 carat each. The ring has been named after the Harry Winston jewelers.

Perfect Pink Diamond Ring – Worth $23.2 million

The 14.23 carat pink diamond was sold at an auction in Hong Kong. It has precisely been cut into rectangle shape. The rare, pink shade diamond affixed in the craft fully designed frame makes for a perfect ring. It is worth $23.2 million.

The Vivid Yellow – Worth $ 16.3 million

The diamond affixed in this ring is one of the largest cut diamonds in the world. Its bright, yellow shade is a treat to the eyes. It looks like a tiny daffodil flower.

One of the most expensive yellow diamonds in the world, it shines bright even from a distance and draws attention. The ring is adorned with two diamonds on the sides making it a heavy piece. It is around 100 carats.

Chopard Blue Diamond Ring – Worth $ 16.26 million

This ring boasts of a beautiful blue diamond that has been cut skilfully to give it an oval shape. The diamond has been affixed in an exquisite 18 karats white gold band. The band is embedded with tiny white diamonds thus making it an expensive piece. The diamond was extracted from a boron deposit that renders it the unique aquamarine blue and bright teal shade.

The Bulgaria Blue – Worth $ 15.7 million

The ring boasts of a unique design which is elegant and stylish. It has two triangle cut diamonds. One of these is a beautiful 9.87 carat white diamond and the other one is a rare 10.95 carat vivid blue diamond. The diamonds have been skillfully affixed in the band.

I am completely in awe of these rings. I must admit that I have lost my heart to The Graff Pink. Isn’t it spectacular? Which one did you like the most? Do let us know! We would love to hear from you. And keep a tab on this space as we would soon come up with a compilation of the most expensive rings ever worn by your favourite celebs!

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