Put-in-Bay: Here is What You Should Know About Visiting the Island

Put-In-Bay, Ohio, is a village on South Bass Island in Lake Erie. The charm of South Bass Island and the friendliness of its people is incomparable. Both visitors to the island have to come by sea.

About 600 people live on the island all year round, but thousands of tourist flock to the island during the summer. May through Sept is the right time to experience what the island has to offer. Here is what you need to know about the island before you visit it.

Put-in-Bay | Village in Ohio

The climate in Put-in-Bay

The average temperature on the South Bass Island is 25° C in the summer, while the water temperature is slightly less. During the summer, there’s a steady breeze blowing from the Southwest.

Generally, the average yearly rainfall ranges around 20 inches. During the winter, the temperature is approximately 30F, and the residents hope for an ice-covered Lake Erie to enjoy ice fishing.

Put-in-Bay ferries

There’s a single high-speed passenger ferry company operating in Put-in-Bay. The Jet Express is a passenger-only ferry (high-speed) that arrives a short walk from the Resort Hotel and Conference Center. Jet Express provides late-night service from Port Clinton, in Sandusky.

Put-in-Bay airport

Most travelers opt to fly their private jets to the Put-in-Bay airport, located on the northwest of the island. It is not an international airport; therefore, you need to first clear customs at Port Clinton Airport if you are traveling from abroad. Ensure that you plan accordingly because fuel is not sold at the Put-in-Bay Airport.

Getting around Put-in-Bay.

If you don’t want to walk, taxis are readily available to take you to the Resort Hotel & Conference Center. It is highly recommended that you don’t bring your vehicle to the Put-in-Bay Island.

Keep in mind that wait times to get off the island can run even up to four hours. Parking lots are limited downtown, and this island is tiny such that bringing the car to the island is unnecessary.

However, the standard way of transportation is Put-in-Bay Golf Carts. The fuel-efficient golf carts can get guests anywhere they want to go on this island. They’re great for a scenic drive or transporting buddies from the Put-in-Bay Airport to the resort hotel.

Clothing in Put-in-Bay

Dressing in Put-in-Bay is primarily causal, even in the evenings. Sunscreens and hats are compulsory to protect you from direct sun rays if you plan to spend most time sitting on the patios or pools.

Drinking water

Water in Put-in-Bay mainly comes from the Put-in-Bay’s water system, and ideally, it’s okay for drinking. Remember that the South Bass water supply is not plentiful; therefore, do your best to conserve it.


The currency here is the US dollar; even though the island is close to Canada, South Bass is within the US territory. Most credit cards and traveler’s checks are widely-accepted. Note that Put-in-Bay is part of the United States, the official language here is English.

Accommodation options

There are many Put-in-Bay hotels, lodgings, vacation rental homes, resorts, condos, and other accommodation options on the island. Most of these accommodation options are centrally located and close to most of the island’s top attractions. Choose the accommodation option that best suits your budget and needs.

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