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5 Reasons Why You Should Use Proxies

A proxy server is used in computer networking. It’s a server application that acts as an intermediary for requests from clients seeking resources from servers that provide the required resources. They act as a firewall and web filter.

They provide shared network connections and cache data to enable the speed up of common requests. As you may know, proxies are used to conceal your device’s actual Ip address location, especially when browsing the internet or using applications.

Why You Should Use Proxies

This creates an extra layer of security between you and the increasingly risky world wide web, where malware, hackers, net censorship, and site usage restrictions can slow down your computer productivity and expose you to the possibility of cyber-attacks.

Most online businesses use proxy servers to protect their sensitive information or data and scale-up software automation. With that said, here are the top five reasons why every serious internet user should become familiar with how to use proxies.


Anonymity outlines the state where the acting person’s identity is unknown.

Even though you wish to remain unidentified, proxies are the best way to keep your identifying information private. While virtual private networks (VPNs) commonly suggest anonymity alternatives, they hide your web traffic, which helps in anonymous browsing proxy hides your browsing habits and can’t be tracked.

Great for Harvesting Data

When automated software is used to extract data from the web, proxies are needed to protect accounts from being closed or limited. Too many requests to a site or app in rapid succession from the same IP address are looking for trouble. With proxy servers, you can change your IP address that enables an easy continuation of data harvesting.

When using a proxy, any website you access does not see your IP address. This allows you to harvest data safely and privately. This is especially important for SEO, since you need a lot of data to outperform your competitors on the SERP stage.

If you’re curious about the best SEO proxies that are on the market, you can look through the list linked, because it’s based on extensive research done by the proxy advocates at Proxyway.

Ad Verification

Ad verification companies use proxy networks to trap ad fraudsters and hence maintain originality.

You can use proxies to view ads from a Remote IP address if you’re having any advertisements or even campaigns that show different ads to a variety of geographical regions. Proxies allow you to verify that according to your target audience, the ad is properly posted.

Travel Fare

Proxies are behind the success of travel fare aggregation. Many travel booking sites display limited deals to people visiting the sites from certain areas. Most agencies may scrap off fare prices, but with proxies, you can visit different travel sites from different IP addresses to view fare offers and discounts that your access would have been restricted.


One of the essential reasons why we use proxies is security. For companies such as financial institutions or insurance companies have valuable information that may attract cyber thieves, proxy acts as a front line, meaning malicious websites have to hack through the proxy server before accessing the data stored in your home server or device.

How to Choose the Right Proxy Provider

Not all proxy servers are equal. Some can be denied access to various big websites, and the access to gathering resourceful information is denied. Some of the commonly shared proxies are at times unreliable, hence it’s good to know the providers and, more importantly, proxy types in detail.

Here are three aspects to consider when comparing a proxy provider.

Pool Size

The pool size has a large proxy entry point when you use this entry point, the pool system decides on the IP to route your request to, and at the same time, it changes bad IP for you. It ensures that it refreshes its pool to ensure that the bad IP is removed.


Proxy providers charge their service based on the amount of data transfer you use through their proxies.

Customer Support

This is where you look out for the response and the quality of the proxy provider’s customer support. especially when you are new to a proxy, you will need help in case of any problem.


Proxies are important to both businesses and individuals. At the same time, there are many reasons as to why proxies are used. However, it’s in your best interest to note that private or dedicated proxies are always the best options.

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