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Top 5 Way to Speed Up Windows 7

In Windows 7, Microsoft did a good job making the system to perform well. However Windows 7 can slow down and need some care too to make it run like new again. Many people having a slow windows 7 computer and that is a biggest problem when they want to get their job done well. Don’t worry I will reveal the top 5 way to speed up your windows 7 to run faster again. It fast and easy way to do this, just follow it step by step down below.

Speed Up Windows 7

Way to Speed Up Windows 7

1.Uninstall unnecessary programs

There are a lot of programs that can slow down your computer, those require most of your CPU usage and hard disk space. If you have any programs that you don’t use anymore, Make sure to uninstall it from computer. To do this just go to Control Panel and then Open Programs and Features.

2. Scan for a virus

If you’re running Windows, you need to install antivirus software to keep the viruses and malwares off your system. Running computer that have viruses can cause your computer to run slower, freezing, and always get unknown errors. So make sure to have the best antivirus for your computer,If your computer safe and sound your performance will not decrease.

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3. Disable Aero glass feature

The Aero glass are available in the Professional, Ultimate, Home Premium, Enterprise edition of Windows 7. That is the special feature of Windows 7 and Vista that include distinctive visual styles that combine the appearance of lightweight, translucent windows with powerful graphic advances. If you having a slow speed in Windows 7, you can disable this Aero glass by go to start>>> right click on Computer>>> Select Properties>>>Click on Advanced system settings>>>Switch to Advanced tab >>> Click on Settings under Performance >>> Click Adjust for best performance>>> Click Apply and you have done.

4. Clean up junk file

Clean Junk Files

These day you’re using your computer to do your task and surfing the web but you don’t know the reason that make your computer run slowly. There are a lot of junk file in your computer that you don’t need. Remove those file can make your computer run quickly too, To delete them you must go to Start Menu >>> Click on All programs>>> Find Accessories>>> Look for System Tools>>> Open Disk Cleanup and start cleaning your drive

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5. Defrag your drive

Defrag your hard drive once a week is good for your computer performance too. It can make your hard drive running faster then before, And it also improve your copy and paste speed too. The way to do it just go to Start>>> Search for “Disk Defragmenter” and defrag your hard drive. Don’t forget to do this once a week for better performance.

This is the top 5 way to speed up your Windows 7 just a second. Don’t forget to share this to your friend.

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  • Nice post! 5 ways are great ! I think you should introduce some software supports this, example CCleaner, it’s good to make pc faster