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Services And Businesses That Started Using Mobile Apps

In this new age, things have shifted from the traditional basic ways and are taking new forms. Expectedly, the business world isn’t left out.

Previously, business owners witnessed crude ways of rendering their services as well as effective ways to reach out to a wider range of customers.

Now, with the advent of mobile apps, the business world has experienced a boom in the aspect of successfully reaching and serving thousands of customers effectively.

Mobile apps, the blooming world of opportunities for businesses of different shapes and sizes, from startups to enterprises, business mobile apps development are in great demand.

Top Businesses That Use Mobile Apps

Thousands of software development companies and mobile startups have hit their target within a short period, creating appealing apps that you wouldn’t be able to resist the temptation of tapping the ‘install now’ button.

However, it isn’t the end to develop and launch your branded app to reinforce your sales and customer relations.

What then are the magic secrets of extremely successful competition with more than 1.5 million other apps in either Apple’s or Google’s app stores?

As earlier explained, It’s not enough to just create and launch branded business apps. Even though the opportunities seem vast, a lot of entrepreneurs have fallen out of their mobile luck.

Below are some observations of what prosperous mobile apps should entail.

Firstly, Make it exciting and sincere. Look at mobility as a new landscape of communication with customers. Similar to user experience, it is about the user, not about your ambitions or personal goals.

More so, it should help users and solve their problems or help them catch fun, as in casino and gaming apps. Look for an idea to implement in a mobile app that would solve business problems your clients face.

The app should be a real extension of the brand. The idea behind your app with a clear correlation between it and your company will, first of all, satisfy your marketing and PR goals.

So, these and more are what a standard mobile app should offer. In this article, we’ll see businesses that integrate mobile apps to effectively reach a wider audience

Top Businesses That Use Mobile Apps

Party Casino

First off on my list is the Party Casino Mobile app at Casino. Online, an amazing app if you ask me.

And if you’ve been following this article, it was mentioned earlier that prosperous mobile apps should solve and bring light to client’s problems, this app does just that!

The play casino app offers several popular games, accessible from the convenience of mobile phones or PC.

Party Casino mobile slot games deliver a high-quality experience, enhancing the gaming experience for players.

More so, apart from the ability to play on the move, the stunning graphics, high reliability, and robust security deliver a fun experience, enhancing the pleasure derived from the desktop version.

Party Casino is one of the world’s favourite casinos and they’ve been providing users with high-quality games ever since 1997.

The online casino has established a strong reputation for high integrity, which offers an enchanting experience at the same time.

Presently, the casino is patronised by millions of users, from all over the globe.


Nivea Sun Kids created a mobile app and technology-laden magazine insert that allows parents to keep track of their kids in busy spaces such as the beach and parks.

“The Protection Ad” campaign included a bracelet that was inserted in magazines that work in conjunction with a mobile app to let parents follow their children’s every move.

The app was an extension of an ad. Intuitive and didactic, it monitored the ad’s displacement when it was on the child’s arm.

All that was needed was to download the app on Apple Store or Google Play, pair the bracelet, identify the child and choose the distance where they could go.

If the distance was exceeded, an alert was sent by the app. With radar, it was possible to see if parents were getting nearer or further from children.

A brilliant concept that highlighted Nivea’s core marketing values with a value-added execution, and the eventual mind-blowing success of the brand.


Beauty in apps, L’oreal has changed the game.

The L’Oreal augmented reality Makeup Genius app uses advanced facial mapping technology to make the smartphone camera into a virtual mirror that let’s try on products in real-time.

The app scans the face and proceeds to virtually apply makeup and try on specific products and look specifically chosen by L’Oreal experts, all through the device’s viewfinder. The social networks sharing option is also on board.

The success story of this app is that it has been downloaded 10 million times in the US, France and China, and L’Oréal is predicting 500,000 downloads in Australia this year.

It has once more proved its image of a true technology game-changer in today’s beauty industry.


McDonald’s leveraged not only a mobile app but also Instagram as one of the most popular photo and video sharing apps in the world, to interact with customers in a new way and advertise their products that were a bit neglected.

Back in March of 2013, the company ran a promotion encouraging customers to take pictures of their favourite meals using the mobile application.

They then created a mobile ad asking users to “Share Your Biggest Instagram Moments.” If users expanded the ad, they could share pictures of their food and even view a gallery of other photos.

McDonald’s isn’t a stranger to mobile marketing, and they’ve done dozens of mobile marketing campaigns with different business goals.

McDonald’s also ran its sixth iAd campaign, which not only promoted the company’s products but took advantage of the device’s capabilities to offer a more interactive experience.

To conclude, broadening McDonald’s Instagram presence was a real success because it brought fresh attention to older products.

It also bolstered a ton of user-generated content, which tends to be more influential on customers.

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