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3 Ways To Clean Transparent Phone Case

Smartphones are lifelines to a lot of us today. We can not imagine spending a single moment without them. Their usage is not limited to entertainment purposes; we are highly dependent on smartphones for getting our work done. Smartphones are prone to accidents, and putting them in phone cases is one of the clever ways to keep them safe.

However, after purchasing a clear phone cover from the company and using it for a while, more than 80% of customers would experience an issue with it becoming yellow. It is one of the crucial drawbacks while using phone cases. 90% of phones acquire germs that can lead to illnesses such as the flu.

Clean Transparent Phone Case

Our phones contain ten times the amount of germs found in a public restroom, and 30% of the germs discovered on the phone’s surfaces make their way into our hands.

It is a natural process

A transparent phone cover enhances the overall appearance of your phone. It does, however, frequently become yellow and appear dirty. It happens because white things are more susceptible to chemical processes such as oxidation and radiation.

When coupled with light, heat, dirt, and dust, all of these damaging factors cause your phone cases to degrade. The silicone and plastic clear phone covers will become yellow as a result of this. It is the nature of the material to degrade over time, but that does not imply you should allow it and do nothing to prevent it.

As is the case with bathroom maintenance and repairing, maintaining the cleanliness of phone cases is good for our health and the life of the device.

Let us look at some methods of cleaning transparent phone cases.


Do not be surprised! Yes, the same toothpaste that keeps your teeth clean and gives you a fresh start in the morning is also an excellent cleaning agent for clear phone cases. Applying a firm amount of toothpaste eliminates the scratches and marks on the case’s surface. It effectively removes stains from coffee and tea.

The toothpaste you would be using should not be gel toothpaste. Whitening toothpaste is the one to look out for. It is one of the quick fixes to get rid of the dirty yellow color.


Another surprising addition to the list is alcohol. If you are unaware, alcohol has significant cleansing properties and is efficiently used as a cleansing agent for electronic devices. Unlike water, the alcohol does not go as far into the machine as water does, it lowers the risk of a short circuit.

The two ways to clean phone cases with alcohol are either by soaking the phone case in a mixture of alcohol and water or gently using alcohol-based wet wipes. Both are fruitful in delivering viable results.

Dish Soap 

It is one of the most common techniques that comes to people’s minds. It is, without a question, an effective approach, but it is also a risky one.

Dish soap cannot be used without water for cleaning, and even a tiny bit of water can severely damage the phone. Water, unlike alcohol, does not disappear into thin air. When you have all the time in the world, this technique is preferable.

Dish soap is simple to use. Mix a little quantity of dish soap with water and scrub the mixture all over the case with a toothbrush. Rinse it thoroughly and set it aside to dry for a few hours. Use a blow dryer to remove any remaining water particles from the phone case before using it.

Apart from these above methods, there are other methods as well. Using bleach water and eraser are next on the list. But both of them have limitations and are not fruitful in the longer run.

The Alternative Path

All of the ways listed above can help you clean your clear phone cover to some extent, but they may not be sufficient when it comes to getting rid of the yellowness.

Several experts believe using the same phone cases for a long period is not a good choice. Since phone cases are easily affordable and get updated quite vividly, it is best to purchase a new one every six months or so.

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The Parting Words

Smartphones will stick around. Chances are you could be reading this on your smartphone only. It is not cynicism, it is a real-time illustration of how the smartphone has infiltrated our life.

It is not a bad thing at all, their presence has elevated us in so many ways that the night would end if we start making notes. So, let us keep them safe and working in good conditions to eventually better our lives.

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