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What is Click Fraud and How It is Harmful For Advertiser?

Click Fraud : Illegal Click  Activity

Click Fraud is a One Type Of Illegal Click Activity On Internet in Pay Per Click Advertising. When you Click On an Ad Display by a Search Engine,The Advertiser typically pays a fee for each click,which is supposed to direct potential buyers to its product.The Advertiser Pays like a 0.02$ or more for each click to publisher.

The Clicks are generated for the Some Purpose like a Make Money. Click Fraud occurs when an individual or Computer Program fraudulently clicks on an online ad Without any intention of learning more about the advertiser or making a purchase.

Click Fraud has become a serious problem at Google and Other Web Sites that features pay-per-click Online Advertising.Click Fraud can also be perpetrated with Software Programs doing the Clicking,and botnets are often used for this purpose.

Click Fraud - Invalid Clicks

Search Engines like a Google or Yahoo attempt to monitor click fraud but have been reluctant to publicize their efforts to deal with the Problem. Some Companies hire third parties to fraudulently click on a Competitor’s ads to weaken them by driving up their marketing costs.

Google AdWords/AdSense and Yahoo Search Engine Marketing are the Largest Advertising Networks in The World. Google Adsense banned the Account of Publishers that generate the bad click activities.

So,The Click Fraud is Harmful for advertiser because they loss their money that are reserved for Advertisement.

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