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About Norway

Norway extends north of Denmark in Scandinavia and west of Sweden in the North of Europe. Large mountains and lakes dominate the Norwegian panorama. The harsh climate conditions have significantly affected the way Norway goes.

Norway - Norwegian translation

From the start, people lived in small groups divided from each other by critical geographical features. This describes all the different dialects and various weights of the Norwegian language. It is also why there are lots of small communities where everybody knows everybody.

Till this day Norway is still a small country in this respect, and when two Norwegians from various parts of the country meet for the first time, they are likely to ask something like “Oh, you’re from Bergen? Do you know Ole?”

Norway is one of the prosperous countries in the world and at the same time one of the smallest. The community is just about to reach 5 million people. Norway is very individualistic and likes to control its own, which is why it is still uncertain to join the EU.

Why is Norwegian Language Translation Necessary?

The Norwegian language has a more significant reach than you thought!  It is used as a native language by approximately 5 million people around the world, 4 million of which live in Norway.

If you aim to give your website a local reach, including Norwegian language content in your website can assist you to get more clients from the Norwegian market. New customers will be more liable to get you in their searches and buy from you if you have content in their language!

Norway is home to a sound marketplace and rich with natural resources including gas and oil, forests and minerals. If your content is related to the gas and oil business, being able to interact in their language opens up a new window of possibility.

Norwegian Localization Services

There are two official forms of written Norwegian, Bokmål, and Nynorsk.  Both types differ in pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary.  Knowing which form to use needs the knowledge and ability of a Norwegian localization specialist.

The Norwegian translation services team along with the project managers of your chosen translation company will conduct you through the translation and localization process, making sure that the translated content gets your message across to your target audience.

Reliable English to Norwegian Translation Services

Norwegian Translation and Localization Services – Tell your agency who your target audience is, and they will make sure your proposed message is conveyed in such a way that it will be perceived as initially composed for the Norwegian audience!

English to Norwegian translation

The translation agency should provide Norwegian localization for websites, marketing documents, and advertising materials to aid you to interact efficiently with Norwegian speakers.

If you are looking for other types of translation, the translation agency should have a team of Norwegian translators experienced in various fields of expertise, and they should make sure the best professional translator is assigned to your project.

There’s a reasonable call for translation services, even in a globalized world, Norwegian translation services remain a very important part of doing business in Norway and as such you’ll have to carefully select a translation provider to work with, one that provides accurate translation and localization at a fair price.

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