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Top 10 Red Wine Brands In India

Red wine, slow dance and giggles- a perfect combination to forget the worries of the day. In other words, it helps us let lose and enjoy the moment. Several wineries have been opened in different parts of India.

Popular Red Wine Brands for Glowing Skin & Health

Red Wine Brands In India

They produce luscious red wine that soothes the senses. As a result, we have numerous brands to choose from when it comes to red wine. To drill down your choice, we bring to you the top 10 red wine brands in India. So, let’s have a look.

Sula Rasa

Shiraz, an exclusive variety of grapes grow in wineries in India’s Nashik Valley. These grapes make amazing red wine. Sula Rasa is the best reserve shiraz in India. Its taste augments if you decant the bottle for 30 minutes after opening it. Besides, having it with barbeque dishes can further enhance the whole experience.

The high quality red wine is stored in French oak barrels for 12 months. Thereafter, it remains in the bottle for some time. The premium wine contains 13% alcohol content.

Myra Misfit

This exclusive red wine is a product of the Myra Vineyards in Bangalore. Special cabernet sauvignon grapes are the main ingredients of this wine. It also contains fruity shiraz. The aging process takes place for 18 months in French oak barrels.

The brand came up with 3 different categories of this wine initially. This includes the entry level, premium and super premium. Subsequently, a red blend flavour was introduced. It was named Misfit.

Myra Misfit is particularly famous because of its strong aroma as well as rich taste. As you sip it you will experience a spicy fruity flavour. Thereafter, it will taste a bit sweet.

Have it with Italian pizza or pasta to enjoy it all the more.

Fratelli Sette

It is a product of the Akluj Vineyards in Pune. The wine is an amalgamation of three varieties of grapes. Cabernet Sauvigon, Sangiovese as well as Cabernet Franc combine to form this perfect drink. Sette is a bit expensive in comparison to other red wines in India.

However, the aroma and taste it renders is matchless. As a result, wine lovers are ready to shell out more money for it. The red wine contains 13.5% alcohol content.

Grover Zampa La Reserve

Grover Zampa La Researve is a product of the lush Grover Zampa Vineyards in Nandi Hills, Bangalore. This unique wine is a rare combination of Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz grapes. It is 80% cab and 20% Shiraz. As a result, it gets a strong, smoky aroma as well as a unique taste.

The aging process of this famous red wine involves keeping it in new French oak for 16 months. It has 13% alcohol content. Have it with red meat or hard cheese to treat your taste buds.

York Arros

This red wine is a mix of the finest Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon. It comes from the York Vinery in Nashik Valley. It is precisely 55% Shiraz and 45% Cabernet Sauvignon. The two are blended together along with certain other flavourful ingredients.

These include vanilla, strawberries, raspberries, cherries as well as cinnamon. Thereafter, it remains in the American and French oak for around 13 months. As a part of the ageing process, it also remains in the bottle for 12 months.

The alcohol content in this exquisite red wine is 14.3%. Snacks like tandoori meat and steak goes well with it.

Krsma Sangiovese

This red wine comes all the way from the beautiful Hampi Hills. The Krsma Estate winery is home for rich Sangiovese grapes. These grapes form the main ingredient of this tasteful and flavourful red wine. Fresh cherries and cloves add to its flavour.

On taking the first sip, you will get a flavour of the juicy red fruit. As you drink it further, it gives a taste of aromatic spices. Have it with chicken tomato tartlets to enjoy it all the more.

Krsma Sangiovese contains 13.6% alcohol content.

Charosa Tempranillo Reserve

Nashik Valley encompasses several beautiful wineries that grow variety of grapes. Charosa winery is one of them. It grows the delicious Tempranillo grapes.

Thereafter, these grapes are used to prepare the luscious Charosa Tempranillo Reserve. In addition to these special grapes, this wine also includes certain other ingredients. These are coconut, vanilla, raspberry and chocolate. This is to say that a tinge of these ingredients is added to this wine.

Charosa Tempranillo Reserve has a rich dark ruby red colour. This is because of the red fruits such as raspberry, strawberry and plum that form a part of it. It contains 13% alcohol content. The taste of this wine enhances further with a platter of red meat, beef and spicy lamb.

Sol De Chile Syrah Merlot

Sol De Chile Syrah Merlot is also quite popular in India even though it is a foreign brand. The exquisite red wine is a product of the Estate Vineyards in Maule Valley, Chile. It includes a mix of the rich Syrah and Merlot grapes.

The wine also includes raspberry and aromatic black pepper. Pepper renders it a tinge of spiciness. Moreover, it adds to its flavour.

Sol De Chile Syrah Merlot has a delightful rose color. To attain this colour and flavour, the must remains at low temperature before alcoholic fermentation. It is subsequently kept in a stainless steel tank along with some yeast.

It also goes through an intense filtration process before it is out in the market. The wine contains 13.5% alcohol content. Pair it with venison and beef to enjoy it to the fullest.

The Wolftrap Red

Fresh and ripe Syrah and Mourvedre grapes grow in the beautiful Franschhoek valley in Western Cape, South Africa. These are hand picked to prepare the flavourful Wolftrap Red wine. In addition to these two varieties of grapes, the wine also contains certain other ingredients.

These include blueberries, plums and some aromatic spices. The wine boasts of a unique aroma as well as exquisite taste. You can enhance its taste by pairing it with pasta, hot dogs and roast beef.

The alcohol content in this exquisite wine is higher in comparison to others. It is precisely 14.38%.

Reveilo – Syrah Reserve 2005

This is yet another red wine from our homeland. It is a product of the Reveilo Winery in Nashik Valley. Syrah is grown in the winery to produce this aromatic wine. It remains in French oak for months as a part of the ageing process. In addition to Syrah, the wine has ingredients like cherry and raspberry.

Hence, it gets a rich ruby red colour with a hint of purple shade. It goes best with spicy food such as red sauce pasta and barbeque items.

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