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19 Foods That Start With J – Food Beginning With J

In this guide, we have gathered together the names of various food varieties, all starting with the letter “J”. A portion of these food sources are solid fixings, others are social dishes and some are simply fun things that we as a whole love to nibble on. Yet, assuming there’s one thing that interfaces them all, it’s the letter “J”.

So, assuming you at any point get halted in the road and requested to name a food starting with the letter “J”, simply recollect this helpful list and you’ll have a response good to go. So how about we make a plunge and take a gander at these food varieties starting with the letter “J”.

Names Of Various Food Varieties Starting With The Letter “J”

Foods That Start With J


For the main food on our rundown, we have picked something that we figure a great many people would have known about. Jalapeno is a little, green stew pepper that can frequently be found in Mexican food. Assuming you have at any point had nachos with every one of the decorations, then, at that point, you’ve likely experienced a jalapeno or two.

With regards to spice, jalapenos are hot pepper when burned through. In any case, they are viewed as a more tasty and helpful pepper than most. On account of their normal and gritty flavor, they are an extremely well-known ingredient and are utilized regularly in cooking. When broiled, they can take on a rich and smoky taste.


JingBaiJan is a progression of conventional Chinese treats, which follow their starting points back to the Qing supreme kitchen. The cakes are regularly served in bunches of eight, with each cake coming to address alternate importance: joy, fruitfulness, karma, achievement, life span, abundance, instruction, and overabundance.

The cakes are produced using a sweet cake that is then formed into extraordinary shapes and loaded up with fixings like dates, rose, plums, sugar, red bean glue, raisins, banana, pepper, and salt.


Found all over the planet, Jawbreakers are a kind of round hard sweets that are normally 1-3 cm in width. Jawbreakers (otherwise called Gobstoppers) are comprised of many layers of sugar, which must be disintegrated by sucking on the candy until you arrive at the middle.

Jawbreakers are loaded with synthetic compounds and sugar, yet they can be an indulgence assuming that you have a sweet tooth.


The jackfruit can be found filling in South Asian nations, for example, India, where it is known to develop on the jack tree. For all intents and purposes, the jackfruit looks like a huge melon covered with yellowish-green spikes. Despite the fact that it is a fruit, jackfruit is utilized principally as a fixing in exquisite dishes like curries and stews.

The actual jackfruit is exceptionally delicious and is considered to taste the pineapple. The surface of the fruit likewise looks very similar to pulled pork, which is the reason jackfruit is regularly utilized as a meat substitute in numerous veggie lover dishes.


This specific dish comes to us from South Africa, where it is a well-known top choice of South African individuals. Basically, a jaffle is only a toasted sandwich loaded up with meat and afterward cooked over a fire in a jaffle iron.

Still viewed as a staple of South African food, jaffles are currently fundamentally cooked with electric toaster ovens.

Jellied Eels

Albeit the picture of an eel suspended in jam might seem like it sprung from somebody’s most exceedingly terrible bad dream, they are a well-known dish that began in Britain. The actual dish comprises hacked eels, which have been cooked in a stock and afterward permitted to cool into a flavored jam.

Jellied eels are regularly served cold, with their consistency being shockingly delicate and light. Typically garnished with vinegar and white pepper, jellied eels were once appreciated at large Victorian occasions as a relaxed snack.


Jigarthanda is a cold and smooth drink that is renowned in the Indian city of Madurai. Where it is ready at the side of the road slows down utilizing a combination of milk, sarsaparilla syrup, sugar, almond gum, and frozen yogurt.

The ideal backup to a sweltering day under the Indian sun, the beverage’s name means “cool heart” in English.


Delighted in by individuals all over the planet, Jerky is lean managed meat that has been cut into strips and afterward dried to keep the meat from expiring. The dried jerky is then prepared with salt and flavors for some additional character.

Jerky is especially famous in North America, where it is regularly delighted in as a pungent and filling snack.


Jam is a spreadable fixing that is appreciated all over the planet, where it is normally utilized for sandwiches, scones, toast, and biscuits. Jam is additionally a critical fixing in many cakes and pastries, for example, a victoria sponge or jam roll.

Jam is made by pounding and cooking products of the soil adding immense measures of sugar to improve and safeguard it. You can create jam from practically any fruit you can imagine, despite the fact that strawberry jam is regularly viewed as the most well-known.


Jook is a well-known breakfast dish found in East Asia, where it is extremely famous in spots like Hong Kong. Basically, a rice porridge, Jook is generally filled in as an exquisite dish. Notwithstanding, it very well may be served in alternate ways.

Assuming you are feeling wiped out, it is accepted that plain jook and water can help you to have an improved outlook.

Jamaican Ginger Cake

This tacky and fragrant cake previously began in Jamaica, however from that point forward it has turned into a top pick in spots like Britain. Sadly, the cake’s prevalence has changed it into a vigorously made item.

The first Jamaican formula utilizes ginger and dark remedy and is viewed as a lot more obscure and more extravagant cake than the ones generally sold in the UK.

Juniper Berry

Juniper berries are a little purple fruit that is the female seed delivered by different types of juniper trees. In spite of the fact that they are known as juniper berries, they are a cone and not a berry by any means. They are known to have a light pine flavor with a smidgen of pepper.

Juniper berries are principally used to season gin, which implies you might have tasted them assuming you partake in a gin on a sweltering summer’s day. Juniper berries can likewise be utilized as cooking fixings, to make things like jam.


First made in France, a jesuite is a three-sided baked good frequently loaded up with frangipane cream and afterward finished off with powdered sugar and chopped almonds. Still served in their unique structure right up ’til today, jesuite are known to be light and flaky.

The expansion of frangipane cream and almonds additionally helps to hoist the kind of baked good. Making a heavenly snack that has turned into a staple of the French patisserie.

Jordan Almond

Jordan almonds are a scaled-down sweet that can be found all over the planet. They comprise of cleaned almonds covered in a slender layer of sugared sweets and are regularly filled in as dessert shops at weddings and other proper events.

Jordan almonds are likewise known by different names, including sugared almonds. Dragee and Confetto.


A johnnycake is a sort of cornbread regularly filled in as a staple food in North America. The actual cake can be produced using white or yellow cornmeal and afterward blended in with water, milk, and salt. The cornbread can likewise be served sweet with the expansion of sugar.

The actual johnnycake is regularly cooked on iron and contains raising specialists to guarantee the wipe arrives at a delicate and springy ascent.

Jollof Rice

Jollof Rice is a conventional rice dish found in West African societies. It is appreciated in nations like Senegal, Nigeria, Gambia, and Ghana. Jollof rice comprises cooking rice over a wood fire and permitting the rice to consume, which gives it a rich and smoky flavor.

There are numerous varieties of jollof rice across West Africa, albeit all offer the very special taste that has made it such a well-known dish.


Jam is a pastry that is regularly known for its energetic colors and flimsy consistency. It is made by blending bubbling water and organic product juice prior to adding gelatin to cause it to set into a flexible substance.

Jam is regularly served sweet with foods grown from the ground cream, in any case, it has additionally been utilized to save meat and vegetables.

Jell O

Jell O is a variety of jam that is offered in prepared to-involve parcels in many stores and supermarkets. Typically, Jell-O will either appear as a powder or of a square of jam, which then, at that point, should be broken down in bubbling water and left to set in the refrigerator.

Jell O is the most broadly known brand for moment jam, notwithstanding, other notable brands incorporate Hartley’s and Alamgeer.


Jameed is a dish basically found in the Mediterranean. It is a hard dry laban that is produced using goat’s milk which has been kept in a woven cheesecloth to change it into thick yogurt. Salt is consistently added to the combination to make it thicken, following a couple of days the thick substance is then taken out from the cheesecloth and formed into little balls.

Jameed is a critical ingredient in the creation of mansaf, the public dish of Jordan.

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