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The Benefits Of Using A Solar Generator

Today, every person requires the electric energy to perform their daily functions. It is required for lighting the homes, running appliances, charging cell phones or other appliances, etc. But, many times the need for uninterrupted electric power supply is not satisfied due to the power outage. In such cases, generators can address the situation by providing the electric power for running the appliances smoothly.

Advantages of a Solar Generator

With the improved technology, it is now possible to use the solar power for generating the electricity needed for the daily use. The solar generators offer a green solution to the power outage issues as it does not cause any pollution. It is the popular choice in many countries like the US as it provides power based on the requirements of the consumer.

1] Knowing Solar Generators

Solar Generators now come with fewer components to effectively convert the sunlight into electricity. A solar generator consists of solar panels attached to the generator, which gathers the sunlight (photons). The solar panels convert the photons into electricity and send it to the generator.

The generator consists of a high capacity battery that is capable of storing the converted electric power. Generally, the electric power created by the solar panels is Direct Current (DC), which is converted into Alternating Current (AC) with the assistance of an inverter. Every home has AC plug-in outlet, so the inverter is essential to convert it into the usable form.

2] Working of Solar Generators

The conversion of photon energy from the sunlight into electricity is known as the Photovoltaic Effect. Solar Generators use the solar panels to capture the photons from the sunlight, which causes interference in the orbit. The electrons dislocated from the orbit creates the electric power.

The electric power is stored in the generators, which now becomes the power source by charging the battery. It can supply electricity to the meet the requirements of the users through various outlet ports connected to the battery.

3] Types of Solar Generators

The Solar Generators depending on its use and features has two main types.

  1. Solar Backup Generators – These are the ideal generators for home use as it acts as an emergency backup in the event of power outage. It has a very high wattage capacity to satisfy the requirements of the homeowners. So, it usually comes with more than one battery in it to enhance the power storage. It powers the essential equipment in the home like small appliances, lights, fans, television, computers, laptops, etc.
  2. Portable Solar Generators – As the name suggests, the solar generators will provide power without large-scale installations. With lighter units, the portable generators can provide power anywhere, anytime on the go. It is easy to carry, pack and store the portable solar generators. The Kits for Solar Generators provide ease of use to the consumers. The kits for solar generators come with solar panels, charge controllers, and generators in one package. So, people need not spend time searching for the items separately. The kits contain all the products from the same company, which makes it more compatible. It also optimizes the generator as it prevents overcharging or damaging the battery. The portable solar power generator is useful for outdoor activities like camping as it can charge the important electronic items like laptop, mobile phones, lights, power tools, etc. without depending on any external power source. The portable solar generators have the capability to self-sustain as it only requires natural sunlight.

Solar Power Generators

4] Features To Look For

With many companies offering diverse solar generators in the market, it is important to look for the essential features to opt for the best choice. The key elements will narrow the search for the best kits for solar generators;Battery Capacity: It is the crucial aspect of the solar generator. If the battery capacity is high, then it works for a longer time.

  • Inverter Rating: The inverters convert the DC power into the AC power. It can also charge the battery externally by plugging it in the grid. So, the inverter rating signifies the maximum watts that are pulled from the solar generator at a time.
  • Component Quality: A high-quality component will have higher durability and reliability. So, it is essential to buy the components from a trusted source to enhance the sustainability of the product.
  • Solar PV Input: It is essential to power the solar generators, so the ample solar PV input ensures continuous power supply. It also has low recharging time after using it during the night.
  • Portability: The easy hauling of the generator will offer more convenience to the users. So, the generators with wheels offer an easy experience.
  • Additional Features: Some generators have multiple outlets to power several devices at once without using power strips. Additional features also include electronic monitors or alarm systems.

5] Benefits of Solar Generators

Using the solar generators as the backup power source offers numerous benefits like; no moving parts, which will ensure silent operation. So, it never disturbs others with jarring noise.

The solar generators have a low maintenance system as the parts are not susceptible to wear and tear. The immovable parts do not wear faster, so it lasts for a long time. The solar generators use the sunlight to power the battery, so it does not emit harmful gases or other toxins into the environment.

Therefore, it is helpful in conserving the non-renewable source of energy. The solar generators require no additional input from the users once it is up to its full speed. It functions during the daytime with the electricity converted by the panels while during the night time, the battery operates the equipment.

The sudden power shortage can plunge people into the dark, which makes them feel powerless. So, having a reliable backup power plan will help overcome any crisis. It will also help people face the power outage due to natural calamities like a thunderstorm or heavy rainfall with ease. It will provide a sense of relief as being in the dark creates more hardships and anxiety to people.

It is important to buy the kits for solar generators from a reputed company, which will provide good service. It offers power immediately to the home, cabin, apartments, etc. A trusted company with good customer service offers diverse power generators and kits to meet the emergency power requirement of the customers.

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