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Understanding The Benefits of 3D Printing

3D printing is the process that creates three-dimensional objects from a digital model. It has a growing popularity in the consumer market and it is definitely a printing innovation you should be keen on following in the 21st Century. Benefits of 3D Printing.

The Benefits of 3D Printing

Benefits of 3D Printing

3D Printing

1. Marketing Time

3D printing allows for the fast development of ideas. For example, with 3D printing, you can print a concept the same day it was designed as opposed to the usual process of waiting for months or days. This way, big enterprises are able to stay ahead of the competition.

2. Cost Effective

3D printing process provides you with the opportunity of creating tools or parts through additive manufacturing at much lower rates compared to the traditional method of machining. Even at the low budget you can get some of best 3d pens in the market. Many Companies have come forward to provide great 3d printing experience to people. Production runs and prototyping are expensive investments.

3. Curbing Risks

Using 3D printing verifies a design for you before investing in it especially the expensive molding tools. A production-ready prototype helps you be confident in an investment before proceeding to invest in any large ventures.

4. Clarity in Communication

With 3D printing, you can be sure that there is no ambiguity when holding a very close or tangible representation of your final product. This is because describing that product box you are going to deliver might get misinterpreted and a conceptual product is much better than the description as it clears all lines of communication.

5. Feedback



Prototypes are useful because you are able to test the market through unveiling your product at a trade fair for example. This attracts potential buyers or investors and could raise your capital through re-selling it. Getting feedback about your product before its final production is a critical thing as it can help you analyze the market potential of the product.

6. Personalization

When mass producing a product, the parts usually come out of the mold the same way. With 3D printing, you are able to customize and personalize a product to fit uniquely into your client’s needs. This allows for the custom fits for industries such as the medical field, and sets people completely apart in the fashion world.

7. Virtual vs Physical Feel

Another thing you can get from a prototype as opposed to a picture on your desktop is the feeling of something on your hand. This can only be done by holding it and testing it, something you cannot do if for example you were looking at the product through a computer. All your potential investors should be able to feel the prototype no matter where they are as you should make use of custom shipping boxes to get the products to them.

8. Imagination Building

There are limitless opportunities in the 21st century for digital art and design. You are able to print 3D in almost everything as long as you can imagine it virtually. This not only brings your imagination to life but also your concepts, inventions or ideas become tangible in a very short period of time.

9. Fast and Cheap Failures

Through 3D printing, prototypes are conceptualized very fast and this way, you are able to quickly identify what works and doesn’t work. Therefore as a product developer, you are able to make breakthroughs early enough hence lower costs and this leads to better products.

This Article Is Contributed By David Yakos. He is the director of creativity at Salient Technologies who is familiar with how critical custom shipping boxes are when working on your product box for 3D printing. 🙂

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