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10 Most Popular Indian Summer Drinks You Must Try

As soon as the summer season arrives, we all crave for cool drinks to keep our body hydrated and for quenching our thirst. There’s nothing better than spending a summer afternoon with a summer drink in our hand to cool us down.

The homemade summer drinks are not just delicious but they’re also easy to prepare and requires very few ingredients.

Best Summer Drinks In India

Refreshing Summer Drinks

During summer, there are several ingredients available like raw, curd, lemon, milk, coconut and different types of fruits that can be used for preparing the best Indian summer drinks.

It goes without saying that India is rich with various herbs and spices and each place has its unique fruits. Most summer drinks in India mix and match the fresh fruits and spices in order to make the refreshing drinks.

If you wish to stay prepared with the best and the coolest Indian summer drinks, read on. We have compiled a list of the most popular ones served in different states of the country.

Jal Jeera Water

Jal Jeera happens to be a very popular drink from North India that is taken mostly during summers to beat the scorching heat. There are many who also serve this drink with your best chaat that you have in the evening.

Jal-jeera Beverage

Jal Jeera is a delicious beverage that is made from tamarind and cumin and later on sweetened by adding pineapple. It serves the best appetizer on a hot summer day. It is also consumed with pani puris.

Pineapple Jal Jeera

There is a slight difference between the above mentioned drink and this one. Pineapple Jal Jeera is an extremely refreshing drink that serves as the best drink for summer evenings and afternoons once you reach home after a tiring day at office.

Pineapple Jal Jeera

When you’re weary, you will definitely look for a home-made drink and hence you should give this a try. This appetizing drink has got several flavors that make it either spicy or sweet or tangy. This drink is great for digestion.

Masala Chaas

This is a delectable amalgamation of water, curd along with some masalas that can be served with summer meals.

Masala Chaas (Spiced Buttermilk)

You can also serve it with Rajasthani Dal Baati Churma, Kachumber Salad and Gatte ki Sabzi. Yogurt is the key ingredient of Chaas and it helps in preventing sun stroke during summer.

Kesar Pista Lassi

Yet another refreshing and tasty lassi recipe that is replete with the flavors of saffron and pista is the Kesar Pista Lassi. All these are mixed with dahi to make it even a more delicious drink during summers.

Kesar Pista Lassi

After having a spicy north Indian meal, you’ll simply love having this drink. Kesar Pista Lassi makes a perfect drink when there are sudden guests at home. You can serve this drink with Peshawari Naan, Malai Kofta or for some other weekend dinner or lunch.

Kesar Mango Lassi

As the name suggests, the Kesar Mango Lassi is one more refreshing summer drink that is made from almonds, saffron, buttermilk and the key ingredient, mangoes! This is a cooling drink that is made out of buttermilk, strands of saffron and freshly ripe mangoes.

Kesar Mango Lassi

When you add curd, it creates that much-needed cooling impact during summer. You can serve Kesar Mango Lassi with Bhel Puri or Asian Watermelon salad during evening. It makes a perfect drink for unpredicted guests at home.

Strawberry Yogurt Lassi

If you want to bring in a twist to the normal lassi that you have, strawberry lassi is definitely the one to go with. Adding strawberries will give it a nice flavour and also make it more delicious.

Creamy Strawberry Lassi

Serve this as an evening drink and you may serve this drink with Baked Mathri and Iyengr Style Masala toast. Kids especially love this drink and it can be given as a great after-school drink during summers that brings back their lost energy.


This is a strictly South Indian summer drink and in fact one of the leading brands of soft drinks in South India has launched a variant of Panakam.


This drink is conventionally linked with Ram Navami that is celebrated during the start of the summer season. However, kids don’t want to stop at Ram Navami – they want to have this drink throughout the season.

Pudina Lassi

Pudina Lassi is nothing but a desi yogurt drink that is spiced with mint leaves, cumin powder and several other things. This happens to be a perfect and apt drink for summer afternoons and evenings as it helps in cooling down your body.

Pudina Lassi, Mint Lassi

You can serve this drink with Phylka, Sabzi on a hot day. This drink has huge cooling effect on your body and has also got health and digestive benefits. It is better to take it after any meal to accelerate digestion.

Mango Shikanji

As there is mango in this drink, Mango Shikanji happens to be one of the best-served drinks during the summer that you can have to beat the heat. This drink is made from Bisleri Fonzo and it is spiced with pepper, chaat masala and lemon and it is served chilled during a hot summer day.

Mango Shikanji

If you’re having a chaat party at home, you can always make this for cooling down your guests. Being made with very few ingredients, it is sure to be perfect for the summers.

Rajasthani Bajre ki Khatti Raabdi

Rajasthani Bajre Ki Khatti Raabdi is a conventional Rajasthani dish that is made with yogurt and bajra flour. Usually, it is made during summers along with other meals. You can serve this drink with Phulka, Masala Kulcha and Gatte ki Sabzi.

 Rajasthani Bajre Ki Khatti Raabdi

This traditional drink of Rajasthan has been a vital part of the daily diet of people in Rajasthan. Bajra is rick in vital compounds like fibre, phosphorus, protein, iron and magnesium. Hence this drink also controls weight loss, diabetes, eases digestion and reduces cholesterol.

Don’t you think that it would be great if the Indian summer drinks would also promise great health along with the freshness that they offer? Keep in mind the names of the above listed summer drinks and make them to beat the summer heat.

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